SunCover | Glasses Case
SunCover SunCover ANY DI ®
SunCover SunCover ANY DI ®
SunCover SunCover ANY DI ®

SunCover | Glasses Case

Diamond Face PomPom
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Diamond Face PomPom
SunCover | Glasses Case
Diamond Face PomPom 89,00 EUR
SunCover | Glasses Case - Diamond Face PomPom
89,00 EUR
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We give you with this purchase of this SunCover a pair of summery FLIP * FLOP ORIGINALS in the color very pink, worth € 24.95!

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Trend alert! The combination of colored all-over print on canvas and the cute pompons make the SunCover Diamond Face PomPom an absolute statement piece. Whether attached to your pocket, belt or rearview mirror, your sunglasses are always exactly where you need them. The gold-plated hardware gives the casual accessory a classy finish.

And this is how the statement piece works: Place the SunCover over the glasses and close with the button. So the glasses have a firm hold. Fold the bracket on the back, done! Thanks to the patented design, all common glasses shapes and sizes find their place in the SunCover.

- Design patented shape
- Closable with snap button
- Hanger on the back for attaching to a bag or belt

Height 6.5 cm - width 13.5 cm
Weight 0.04kg

Item number: SP101602DP

The canvas already has a dirt and water-repellent coating. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile and increases the longevity of the SunCover to remove dirt and stains as freshly as possible and to refresh the impregnation regularly. Stains on canvas are gently removed, e.g. with mild soap, a small sponge and lukewarm water. It is important here to let the cotton fabric dry well afterwards.

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Always have your
Glasses at hand

You can attach the SunCover everywhere you want. Combine it with your favorite ANY DI handbag or wear it on the Pocket PhoneStrap, while attaching it to the SunCover Strap Clip.



The SunCover is a space-saving and innovative
glasses case. Instead of that, the glasses that you so often have at hand
want to slip into a chunky case in your pocket, you can
Wear them with the SunCover like a fashion statement on the outside of the bag (or where
whatever you like). The SunCover protects the glasses with soft
Microfiber fabric inside from dust and scratches. This charming, innovative
The designer Anne Dickhardt has the idea with numerous patents worldwide
let protect.

We have always said: "Any pair of glasses fits in the SunCover."
But honestly, at the numerous optician fairs with their millions of
We've already gotten our hands on one or two glasses,
which the SunCover no longer adequately covered. If your glasses are
exceeds the glass height of 6 cm, it protrudes from the bottom of the SunCover. That
but this is rarely the case, even with really large glasses.

Yes, often! But not always.
The SunCover is basically not designed for children's glasses
Depending on the age of the child, children's glasses are sometimes not wide enough. Every
Glasses with a width of at least 12 cm should fit in the SunCover without any problems
Find space, try it for narrower glasses. For comparison:
Adult glasses are 14 cm wide on average.

Der Leather Hanger vom SunCover ist inklusive, jedoch
bewusst abnehmbar gestaltet, da man das SunCover manchmal lieber direkt am
D-Ring befestigen möchte. Zum Beispiel wenn man es an einen Karabiner anhängen
mag, wie es beim “SunCover Strap Clip” der Fall ist, der Adapter für den “Pocket
PhoneStrap”. Wenn es also passieren sollte, dass dir der Leather Hanger
verloren geht, gibt es die Möglichkeit Ersatz nachzukaufen, entweder direkt im
Onlineshop oder auf Nachfrage, falls im Shop nicht die gewünschte Farbe
verfügbar ist.

You can hang the SunCover on your bag in the classic way.
Unless you don't like bags or you want to have your sunglasses on you
you can also pull them through your belt with the leather hanger. That looks
look particularly stylish when you wear one of our bright and unusual SunCover
combine with a neutral outfit! All Pocket PhoneStrap lovers can
attach the SunCover to the PhoneStrap using the SunCover StrapClip.
To do this, pull the strap clip through the loop and to your preferred height
attach to one of the snaps. The next step is the leather hanger
removed and the SunCover attached to the StrapClip.

Das SunCover hat Microfaser Beschichtung und säubert deine
geliebte Sonnenbrille in dem Etui. Es schützt und putzt die Brille in den
weichen und schütz vor Kratzern sowie weiterem Schmutz

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