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SunCover - The most innovative and modern glasses case


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Who does not know them, these big glasses cases, which you get as a present when you buy glasses in the optician. Sure they protect, but are they useful? Cool would be a practical, functional, high-quality designer glasses case, which looks noble and stylish on top of that and makes your glasses always ready to hand...

The coolest glasses case of all times

ANY DI spectacle cases, internationally known as "ANY DI SunCover" or sunglasses cases are THE "novelty" in the eyewear industry and among fashion experts. Of course they protect your favorite glasses from scratches and dirt. That is by far not all ...

10 reasons for the ANY DI spectacle case

  • Real leather
  • Strong real gold plating
  • fine processing
  • Brilliant colors, high-quality look premium quality
  • Protects against dirt and pressure marks
  • The Fashion Case takes up very little space.
  • absoluter Eyecatcher
  • Every shape and size of glasses fits into the patented glasses case.
  • With the ANY DI Leather Hanger,which is attached to the back of the cover, your SunCover can be easily hung anywhere.
  • You never look for your glasses again.

The SunCover is becoming a trend accessory and daily companion

The Munich designer Anne Dickhardt has managed with her IDEE to develop a sunglasses case that combines function, quality, luxury and innovation and that has never been seen before. Customers and fans often use the Sun Cover for their reading glasses and appreciate both the practical and elegant eyewear accessories in everyday life.

The innovation: A spectacle case with a pendant!

With the ANY DI Leather Hanger, which can be attached to the backside with a gold-plated metal ring, you can hang the cool glasses case on every handbag or attach it to the trouser strap or other places. You have your hands free and a stylish accessory for your sunglasses. And the best part... You'll never look for your glasses again and they're always at hand!

Revolution in the eyewear accessories market: The ANY DI SunCover

The eyewear cover, which is super practical, cool looking and of unparalleled quality, to hang on your handbag or anywhere else you like, such as your golf bag, tennis bag, car rearview mirror, etc., is revolutionizing the eyewear accessories market. Opticians and boutiques in Germany, Austria, Switzerland USA, Dubai, St. Barth and many other places are enthusiastic about the innovation and call the ANY DI Suncover the "IT-Piece of the Year" or "Probably the coolest spectacle case of all times".

Whether regular customers, tourists or vacationers order their ANY DI eyeglass case online or find it in an eyeglass store, the joy about this extraordinary leather accessory is huge. Especially when it becomes a unique gift, it makes the eyes of the eyeglass lovers sparkle.

The ANY DI Sun Cover is a very special designer glasses case! Probably the most beautiful spectacle case in the world from ANY DI...

How does the ANY DI Sun Cover work?

  1. open glasses
  2. fold the sun cover and place it over the lenses
  3. close the push button
  4. the brackets behind the case, fold on the backside
  5. attach to the bag with the removable Leather Hanger

With the original ANY DI SUN-Cover you can take your sunglasses or reading glasses everywhere, they are safely stored, always ready to hand and you are super stylish on the road.  Finally, there is a cool glasses holder.

A spectacle case for every taste

All colors of the ANY DI collection are an absolute eye-catcher. With over 20 colors there is something for every style of eyewear and for every outfit. Whether noble black, shimmering gold, cool camouflage, gaudy pink, whether simple or fancy glasses cases in leopard look. You are sure to find the right case color for your favorite glasses.

The high-quality material of the luxury cases

The designer spectacle cases are made of very high quality cowhide leather. The inside offers a real protection for the glasses due to the soft microfiber and cleans the sensitive lenses. All metal elements of the leather accessories are real gold plated or silver plated.


  • look for a cool glasses bag
  • A spectacle wearer who loves his glasses
  • I don't want to search for my glasses anymore and always have them handy
  • love sophisticated and unusual accessories
  • look for a very special gift
  • I like to stow my glasses in a space-saving and safe way
  • I am a real sunglasses lover
  • would like to be stylish and casual on the road
then treat yourself to an ANY DI SunCover in your favorite color.

Opticians and luxury fashion boutiques carry the designer eyeglass case

IT-Piece ANY DI - The Fashion Eyecatcher in stylish colors is online or to be found around the corner. Discover the extraordinary accessories in one of our partner stores. At hip boutiques and exclusive opticians, the jewelry pieces are in the shop window. You can find the individual locations of the ANY DI sales areas in our Store Locator.


ANY DI eyeglass cases safe from home shopping

In the ANY DI Online Shop you can order eyeglass cases from the comfort of your own home. Pay safely with credit card, Paypal, prepayment or purchase on account. Secure your favorite Asseccoire online. Profit from many great special services and fast shipping. Find the latest models in the online store of ANY DI.

combine your SUN COVER

Discover the ANY DI Pouches and the multifunctional ANY DI handbags models Bag L, Bag M, Bag XM, BucketBag, EmblemBag and Bag S.

your ANY DI team.

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