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We are proud to present you today a real ANY DIva: Anny Divya! Her vita reads like a dream of many people who want to move at high speed above the clouds.  Anny made history in 2017 after she became the youngest woman Commander at age 30 to fly in command the largest twin engine passenger plane in the world - a Boeing 777-300ER. Until then Anny Divya had to overcome numerous hurdles.

Anny Divya comes from a humble background and was born in an area of India where there was no airport. However, from an early age she always had the dream of becoming a pilot. In our interview she tells us about her great passion and gives us an insight into her fashion consciousness. Have fun reading!

1. What is the most exciting thing about being a pilot?   

There are so many! I still get very excited about flying a plane as it fulfills my need for speed. The roar & power of big jet engines as I take off into the clouds above is very fulfilling. I also love flying to new airports and explore new destinations. 


2. Do you have a favorite destination to fly to and if so, why that one?  

My all-time favorite destination is New York, as I love the whole vibe and energy there. It is an incredibly dynamic city, which moves with the times and where many trends have been born. The skyline is especially impressive from the flight perspective!

3. Do you prefer travelling light or with a big suitcase? 

I prefer traveling with a big suitcase, a girl’s best friend after all the shopping! It is also great because a big suitcase fits my handbags so I can easily decide which one I want to wear – no matter where I am in the world.


4. What is always with you in your handbag when you enter an airplane?          

In my handbag there is always my Sunscreen lotion, moisturizer, lip balm, hand sanitizer & sunglasses. They are my daily essentials and I can never leave the house without them. It is important to me that my essentials are always quickly at hand.


5. Whenever you are not wearing your uniform, what is your favorite outfit when you are off work?  

I love to wear shorts, t-shirts, and floral dresses. In any case, I always want to feel comfortable in it.

6. What makes a handbag your ultimate companion? What characteristics are important to you? 

The perfect handbag for me must be smart and classy to look at, comfortable and basic to use. Everything needs to be neatly organized so I can find it within seconds. There is nothing worse than things that get lost in a handbag. Women know what I am talking about… 😉


7. You once said: It is ok not to know, but it is not ok not to learn. What was the last thing you learned? 

Learning is constant process. I try to learn something every day. The last thing I learnt with current pandemic in the world is that no matter what happens, keep calm, be patient and keep contributing to the world in your own way as much as possible.

Anny Divya is a great personality and serves as a role model by showing young women that you can achieve everything in life if you only believe in yourself and work hard for your dreams. We think this makes her a true ANY DIva!

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