Autumn-Winter 22/23


The Leaves fall from the bearsumen and die bright colors of summer soft glowing autumn tones. The cooling temperatures leave the desire for coziness and arise togetherness, and we too chose for our fall/Winter collection 22/23 of this Feel inspired! away from the Exuberant Beach-parties of summer towards exclusive Dinner-Dates in romantic restaurants. The Inspiration was the beautiful Paris! Embark on a journey with ANY DI to the city of love and leat you from our collection “Rendez-you" enchant!
Express your Love
The heart patch
The application for the "Patch It!" SunCover, the round mini pocket and the mobile phone case!
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19,00 €
Phone Case
Black Croco
The elegant case for your smartphone can be attached to various mobile phone chains using the gold-plated rings.
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79,00 €