Bottle Bag

The innovative concept behind the new cooperation with FLSK

Pocket PhoneStrap Attention lovers! Anyone who loves the Pocket PhoneStrap but doesn't want to go without an ice-cold drink in summer is in cooperation with the latest addition to the strap FLSK well served!

With our new bag made in collaboration with FLSK, you can now enjoy your favorite ice-cold drink. Yours is in the designer crossbody bag made of luxurious PU leather FLSK drinking bottle 500 ml optimally protected and always ready to hand. And best of all: It also looks super stylish!

The Bottle Bag can be combined with various ANY DI products, such as the Mini Pocket or the Suncover Strap Clip as a connector of your favorite SunCover. Of the Bottle Bag comes as a set with strap exclusively at FLSK available!

Matches the Phone Strap in Black Silver

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Personalize your Pocket PhoneStrap according to your needs! The small pockets can be pulled open through the loop on the back and pressed in place with a snap fastener.