General FAQs

We will ship your order to almost anywhere in the world

All countries within the EU do not have to pay customs duty. If you are in a country outside the EU, ANY DI will not pay any customs fees. Contact your local tax office for more information.

A return declaration is enclosed with your order. However, we do not cover these return costs.

Then simply contact us by e-mail or via the contact form and we will help you immediately.

Yes, all ANY DI products have a 2-year guarantee

SunCover FAQs

The SunCover is a space-saving and innovative
glasses case. Instead of that, the glasses that you so often have at hand
want to slip into a chunky case in your pocket, you can
Wear them with the SunCover like a fashion statement on the outside of the bag (or where
whatever you like). The SunCover protects the glasses with soft
Microfiber inside against dust and scratches. This charming, innovative
The designer Anne Dickhardt has the idea with numerous patents worldwide
let protect.

We have always said: "Any pair of glasses fits in the SunCover."
But honestly, at the numerous optician fairs with their millions of
We've already gotten our hands on one or two glasses,
which the SunCover no longer adequately covered. If your glasses are
exceeds the glass height of 6 cm, it protrudes from the bottom of the SunCover. The
but this is rarely the case, even with really large glasses.

Yes, often! But not always.
The SunCover is basically not designed for children's glasses
Depending on the age of the child, children's glasses are sometimes not wide enough. Every
Glasses with a width of at least 12 cm should fit in the SunCover without any problems
Find space, try it for narrower glasses. For comparison:
Adult glasses are 14 cm wide on average.

The SunCover's Leather Hanger is included, however
deliberately designed to be removable, because sometimes you prefer to put the SunCover directly on the
want to attach D-ring. For example when you attach it to a carabiner
like, as is the case with the “SunCover Strap Clip”, the adapter for the “Pocket
Phone Strap”. So if it should happen that the Leather Hanger
lost, there is the possibility to buy a replacement, either directly in the
Online shop or on request if the desired color is not available in the shop
is available.

You can hang the SunCover on your bag in the classic way.
Unless you don't like bags or you want to keep your sunglasses on you
you can also pull them through your belt with the leather hanger. That looks
look particularly stylish when you wear one of our bright and unusual SunCover
combine with a neutral outfit! All Pocket PhoneStrap lovers can
attach the SunCover to the PhoneStrap using the SunCover StrapClip.
To do this, pull the strap clip through the loop and to your preferred height
attach to one of the snaps. The next step is the leather hanger
removed and the SunCover attached to the StrapClip.

The SunCover has a microfiber coating and cleans your
beloved sunglasses in the case. It protects and cleans the glasses in the
soft and protects against scratches and other dirt

Pocket PhoneStrap FAQs

 In contrast to the popular cords, the PhoneStrap
more elegant and stylish, it also offers much more storage space. The Phone Strap
is based on the principle that it adapts to you and your everyday life. With snaps
you can attach various pockets, SunCover and card cases. The variants
are endless. To help you create your perfect PhoneStrap
the PhoneStrap configurator will help you. For those who are undecided there is already one
ready combos. There is even a discount on the combos.

Small everyday objects such as keys, cards, money or headphones

On the back are the gold-plated emblems of the PhoneStrap
Snaps to which you can easily attach the pockets. But also
if you leave the house without pockets, the PhoneStrap sees through the three
Emblems still look chic!

The pockets are all available individually, so you can
buy multiple pockets and mix and match. That's what makes the PhoneStrap
so special and changeable!

Both straps are adjustable in size. The highest size range
but the PhoneStrap has nylon. The leather strap is adjustable in size like a belt with the help of holes

Our new Phone Pouches can replace the cell phone case
and hold all cell phone sizes. They are available in multiple colors

That depends entirely on the design of your strap. Because the
Of course, nylon straps are cared for differently than leather straps. Accurate care details
are listed with the straps under design detail.

Bag L FAQs

3 carrying options + laptop bag with great accessories

In the middle compartment of the bag L is
Space for the laptop, the other two compartments offer enough space for the rest.
Practical accessories for the Bag L include the key finder, the
long search is reduced and the possibility offers e.g. the Kiss Pocket
attach. Mix and match is the motto of ANY DI, so you can also do shoulder
Replace pads and attach straps or new SunCover.

There is a central compartment for the laptop, two open compartments on the outside and numerous small ones
sewn-on compartments for small everyday items

Thanks to our customer-oriented customer service
communication very easy. Just send an email with pictures of yours
bag on and one
Our account manager will get back to you promptly with the procedure.