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SunCover Waffle

SunCover Waffle


Product Details

With the SunCover Waffle you choose your 2 favorite ice creamrten and shape the SunCover according to your own taste !

Chocolate & Stracciatella in the waffle, please! Or rather blueberry and lemon? With the SunCover Waffle in ice cream cone look, you are guaranteed to attract all eyes on you and can also design your own SunCover. Simply choose 2 flavors or more of your choice and combine as you like! Then clip the flavor patches to the SunCover and you're ready to go! The fun accessory for your sunglasses is casually clipped to the bag or attached to the belt and provides there for a guaranteed WOW effect. A soft padding of microfiber protects the lenses from scratches, dust and melted ice. Gold-plated elements round off the taste experience. 

How to put your glasses in the SunCover: Open temples, place lenses on pads, close cover tightly. Fold up the temples at the back, done! Thanks to the patented design, the SunCover is suitable for all common eyeglass shapes and sizes.


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Line up

Start with the pocket that should be attached to the top of the strap. Thread the strap through the loop on the back of the pocket.

press in

So that the pocket sits firmly and does not slip, you press it with the push button on the strap.

IceCream Patches

Flavour I BlueberryFlavour I Blueberry Flavour ANY DI ®


Regular price 19,00 €
    Flavour I RaspberryFlavour I Raspberry Flavour ANY DI ®


    Regular price 19,00 €
      Flavour I StracciatellaFlavour I Stracciatella Flavour ANY DI ®


      Regular price 19,00 €
        Flavour I AzzurroFlavour I Azzurro


        Regular price 19,00 €
          Flavour I MintFlavour I Mint Flavour ANY DI ®


          Regular price 19,00 €
            Flavour I ChocolateFlavour I Chocolate Flavour ANY DI ®


            Regular price 19,00 €
              Flavour I LemonFlavour I Lemon Flavour ANY DI ®


              Regular price 19,00 €
                Flavour I PeachFlavour I Peach Flavour ANY DI ®


                Regular price 19,00 €
                  Flavour I WatermelonFlavour I Watermelon Flavour ANY DI ®


                  Regular price 19,00 €

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