ANY DI x Fujitsu

Digital TransFEMAtion“: Das FUJITSU Tablet LIFEBOOK meets ANY DI Bag L

Together with Fujitsu, ANY DI has launched the "Digital TransFEMAtion" campaign. The FUJITSU Tablet LIFEBOOK U9310X is the world's lightest convertible with pen and
offers ultimate flexibility in various areas of the professional world and everyday life due to its 360° rotatability. ANY DI has designed the exclusive Bag L in classic black and intense red to match this. When choosing the color of the Bag L, the goal was to come up with a design that on the one hand is perfectly matched to the new tablet and on the other hand is a real eye-catcher in the look of every ANY DIva.

harmony instead of compromise

Technologies are now not only a part of work and everyday life, but also influence the fashion world. The combination of technology and fashion opens up unexpected new possibilities for all style-conscious business women. The appropriate technical equipment through the tablet, in connection with a stylish and exclusive ANY DI Bag, creates job opportunities all over the world. Whether in the office, at home or when traveling - everyone can decide for themselves where they work.

ANY DI Bag L - Elegant business bag and backpack in one

The ANY DI Bag L shape was chosen as the perfect laptop bag for the Fujitsu tablet. It is elegant, practical and timeless at the same time and bears the Fujitsu logo on the bottom of the bag. Thanks to the design-patented backpack function, the ANY DI Bag L can be converted from a chic handbag into a stylish backpack. The wearing comfort makes long commutes with the laptop pleasant again and is still a stylish accessory in the look of every ANY DIva. The supple cowhide and the high-quality workmanship create the optimal balance between pure luxury and suitability for everyday use. Thanks to the minimalist and classic exterior design in black and the contrasting color red on the inside, it is an absolute eye-catcher.

The design is a limited edition and is only available with the purchase of a FUJITSU Tablet LIFEBOOK U9310X and only while stocks last!

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