The perfect match

Inuikii - A super summer piece that you can wear anywhere and with any outfit. ANY DI and the footwear label Inuikii from Zurich have teamed up and designed a slip-on for summer 2020.

The core idea of the family-run business founded in 2012 is to ensure that every woman and man finds the style that suits them best - whether for winter or summer. The basis for this is formed by the three models -boots, sneakers and slippers- which are available in hundreds of variations.

All Inuikii Inuikii products are not made with industrial machines, but by hand, which makes each product unique and thus different from every other. 

The INUIKII X ANY DI SLIPPER The modern, fresh design paired with the comfortable, high-quality wearability characterizes the slippers created by the two young, quickly internationalized brands.

The aim of the creation was to design a slipper that not only perfectly styled every ANY DIva, but also allowed them to be out and about on the streets of the world without having to forego comfort and durability.  

The same materials - a leather-canvas mix - and the diamond face print from the current collection were used for the brand-typical knot design of the slipper; The Escapade, which are sometimes used for our new SunCover or for the Tote Bag M.  

These pompous yet elegant slippers can be perfectly combined with our ANY DIs - either tone on tone or contrasting - to create a unique and elegant look. 

The ANY DI x Inuikii slippers are therefore the perfect addition to our new summer collection, which is all about summer vacation, island feeling and dreams and with which you have the perfect companion for your next summer trip!