SunCover Hello Kitty


When childhood dreams in
Go fulfillment...

Cute, pink and fun. Even as a young girl, Anne was a big fan of the Japanese cult figure. The pink cartoon kitten was the dream of many teenagers, especially in the 2000s Hello Kitty had her biggest breakthrough. Large fashion brands such as Balenciaga, GCDS, Nike and Blumarine have also followed the trend over the years.

This project is a major milestone for Anne Dickhardt, which she could not have dreamed of 20 years ago. "I am very proud of this cooperation," says Anne, "I had Hello Kitty accessories in all shapes and colors as a child. This edition means a lot to me, especially emotionally. My product with the Hello Kitty look is going to be a dream true!"

After several years of hype around this fictional character flattening out, it made a comeback in 2021. Because Y2K fashion is more popular than ever! And so it came about that the "Hello Kitty" project was planned for 2021 and for 2022 it was initially very limited and only exclusive at the Taiwanese airline Eva Air is offered on board.