Bag Add-Ons

Giving the bag a new look is easy with a new crossbody strap, or the shoulder pads to beautify the backpack straps.

Actually, the ANY DI bags with the special strap system, which allows you to carry the bag in three ways, already have everything: The included equipment of two carrying straps that you can use to convert the bag into a backpack, as well as an adapter that you can use to convert one of the straps into a crossbody strap. But it's always fun to experiment with other colors. The combination with the PhoneStrap, which primarily functions as a smartphone strap, is very popular because other small click-on pockets can be attached to it. This results in a playful and always changeable look.

The two leather hangers inside the bags serve as key finders. If you lose them, here are some colors to buy again. Here, too, a "mix and match" game with the colors is a good idea. how about golden leather hangers on your black bag?