ANYthing you are

Für alle Frauen und jede Lebenslage 

Anne Dickhardt

For all women and every situation 


With ANY DI, Anne has combined everything in her brand products that she herself experienced in her everyday life as a former professional tennis player: quick changes of location, a lot of travel, great adaptability to different situations and events, always ready for anything! This attitude to life gave her the inspiration for her vision to create a versatile high-end collection with design and comfort while she was studying fashion in Munich. Today, ANY DI stands for high-quality leather accessories such as the signature piece 'SunCover' and the Pocket PhoneStrap for all women in every situation.  

“One quality that I brought from my sport to the fashion industry is the ambition to do something well and sustainably so that I can build on it. I wanted to accommodate the versatility of my everyday life in my handbag - not only satisfactorily, but optimally. I love being versatile, sports, music, work, friendships, hobbies are part of life for me. For me, the combination of all this is the key to contentment, to happiness”. - Anne Dickhardt



The soft SunCover made of cowhide protects your glasses from scratches and dents and removes dirt and dust from the glasses. The SunCover takes up hardly any space and is therefore the ideal replacement for the often bulky manufacturers' cases. It is universal and suitable for any shape of glasses. Alternatively, it can also be made on the belt. Your hands are free and your sunglasses are always within reach!   

Neben dem Rucksack Strap System und dem SunCover komplettiert der Pocket PhoneStrap das Repertoire um die hochwertigen Lederaccessoires von ANY DI. Die Crossbody Smartphone Tasche bietet nicht nur idealen Schutz, sondern ermöglicht uns handsfree durch den Alltag zu gehen und das Telefon doch sofort zur Hand zu haben. Mit Leder- und/oder Nylon Strap ist es wie alle Lederaccessoires von ANY DI für jede Tages- und Nachtzeit geeignet. Zudem kann es individuell gestaltet und mit weiteren anklippbaren Täschchen (Click-on Pockets) wie zum Beispiel einem Lippentstift Etui, Mini Portemonnaie, dem Schlüsselbund oder dem passenden SunCover ausgestattet werden.  


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