Put on your white cowboy boots and come with us on a journey to West America.

The new Autumn-Winter collection by ANY DI Munich is all about spirituality, free spirit and freedom. The striking element is therefore the casual fringes that resonate with your movements and transport your life-affirming energy. The earthy shade of cognac underlines the naturalness that a bohemian is able to radiate and thus fits perfectly into the image of the hippie movement, which some 60 years later is still a favourite.

In the warmth of long, silent roads through the Grand Canyon to the West Coast, there are all kinds of visual stimuli that inspired the designer. Anne Dickhardt values self-determination and changeability, values that flow into her designs as usual. Her products always offer more than their obvious function. Numerous wearing options, a variety of combinations and the freedom to give the product a personal touch are inspiring more and more customers. The Autumn-Winter collection thus ties in with existing products to fit perfectly into the range. Once again, the products can be playfully combined with each other. Take the opportunity to redesign and expand your Any Di products and give your wardrobe a soft boho influence.

Aparticularly in California, this attitude to life is tangible and has been captured in the collection. At the Coachella festival, many different styles can be discovered, mostly in the popular hippie look that will probably never go out of fashion. This influence on the fashion scene is more emotional than almost any other, as it embodies the desire for peace, community and unity.

If every place in the world is your home, you appreciate naturalness and looseness and love creativity, you will certainly find what you are looking for in the new collection.