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The Puffer Bag - a perfect everyday bag, is the ideal all-rounder for a variety of activities, whether as a sports bag, yoga bag, business bag, mum bag or weekender.

It comes in three luxurious colours, giving it an elegant and timeless touch.

What makes the puffer bag so essential?

Discover our puffer bag in three stylish colours!

This bag always underlines your personal look perfectly and is a real eye-catcher in absolutely any colour!

Discover the lightness!

Our puffer bag is as light and airy as a cloud and is therefore so comfortable to wear that you really want to have it with you all day long.

For maximum organisation!

The puffer bag offers generous organisation thanks to a wide range of inside pockets.

In wind and weather!

The nylon not only looks stylish but is also water-repellent, both inside and out!

How to style

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Organise your life with ease and add a touch of luxury to your activities with this versatile companion.

Stay in balance! 

In everyday life, we often carry enough already, so the bag alone shouldn't add any extra weight! Our Pufferbag weighsalmost nothing; it is as light and airy as a cloud, making it so comfortable to carry that you'll want to have it with you all day, as it alsooffers a huge storage capacity. For maximum organization! The Puffer Bag proves to be an ideal companion in daily life: from morning swims tothe office commute to city strolls or as a cool Mom Bag, it offers generous storage thanks to various interior pockets. A special compartmentfor the laptop, dividers with drawstrings for shoes/wet swimwear and a water bottle or baby bottle ensure order. Additional small pocketsprovide space for daily essentials like wallets or a charging cable and mouse. A specially lockable compartment with microfiber lining is perfectfor securely storing jewelry. In all weather conditions. The nylon not only looks stylish but is also water-repellent, allowing you to use the PufferBag in any weather without worrying about your belongings. Additionally, the interior lining is coated to make the interior pockets andcompartments water-resistant, so you can easily store your sports shoes or sweaty clothes. By the way, it also works great as a diaper bag, aseverything has its place and is always safe from leaks. The bag can be easily and effortlessly cleaned with a damp cloth! Discover ourPufferbag in three stylish colors! Whether you prefer classic black, elegant champagne, or trendy lavender, your bag will always complementyour personal style perfectly and be a real eye-catcher in any color! Choose the color of your new favorite bag now and make a functional and fashionable statement!