Luxury accessory meets apparel


Thin stripes of leather, dynamically arranged, create an intricate image. The mix of suede and nappa leather has always been a favorite combination of the brand. The new collection is led by four colors: Blossom, Ocean, Taupe and Black Metallic. To complement the collection, ANY DI's first apparel line is now available as a gift. Style yourself with the "Revival" collection in a one color look and get the matching top to go with the luxury leather accessory.   

The new "Revival" collection was a long-term project: to oppose throwaway productions, leather scraps from previous ANY DI productions were kept and processed in the form of the slim stripes that imply The ANY DI Emblem.  

A resource-saving handling of the precious leather material is very close to our hearts. The high quality standard of ANY DI achieves long-lasting products, on which the joy does not fade.