Behind ANY DI Team Insights

In 2015 she started the journey all by herself... now she hast people all around the world supporting her

Anne Dickhardt, founder and designer of ANY DI started her journey in 2015, as a one (wo)man show. Her vision was clear: create the perfect bag for women, combining functionality, comfort and luxury. The Bag L is the bestseller of the collection. The elegant business bag has already been covered in various media.

"In the creation phase, I think of all everyday situations and incorporate them into the design." - Anne Dickhardt

With the great success, also came the rapid growth. In the meantime, the ANY DI team consists of over 30 fantastic employees, partners and brand ambassadors worldwide. Enough power to inspire women around the globe with the innovative handbags and accessories.

"Pure goosebumps when we see women with the SunCover and our precious bags."- Anne Dickhardt

Anne stays true to her vision with ANY DI from the beginning to be the most innovative leather goods accessory brand in the premium sector and proves it anew with refined products everytime. Customers can be surprised, not only by innovation and luxurious quality, but also by special functionality and unique comfort.