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Best of ANY DI 2020 - Our bestsellers at a glance.

Whether shopping queen or wild party girl - we have the right accessory for every ANY DIva! We present you our favorites of the year 2020. We are sure that you will find the right companion for you!

The Shopping Queen.

Hours of strolling through the city from one boutique to the next. What could be better than a relaxed shopping trip with your best friend on a warm summer day? So for an extensive shopping spree, a true miracle of space is required! Whether it's a new summer dress or a pair of romantic sandals - there's no shortage of space with the casual yet elegant shopper bag. With the practical strap system, the shopper bag can be converted into a backpack in no time. This leaves your hands free for a refreshing Iced Coffee after a successful haul.

Discover ShopperBag

The festival lover. 

Dancing in the evening sun in front of a big stage to pulsating beats in a sea full of people. The sky in bright red-orange colors, the sunglasses safely stowed in the color-coordinated SunCover attached to the belt. A must-have for every festival lover! The night can begin!

Discover SunCover Darling

The flâneur. 

The sun is shining through the autumn leaves, the blue sky is radiant. The perfect weather for a leisurely stroll along the Isar. The smartphone stowed in the stylish PhoneBag, because after all, an exciting podcast can not be missing while strolling. Some cash for a warming latte macchiato is of course a must. What more do you need for a relaxed autumn walk?

Discover Phonebag Fringes Blossom

The rocking city hopper 

Today Berlin, tomorrow Stockholm - quite a lot on the road! This requires a versatile! Or both? The flexible BucketBag in practical mini format adapts perfectly to the everyday life of a much-traveling ANY DIva. Stylish on the road and all daily essentials with you! With the rocking combination of deep black and shimmering silver, this bag is the ideal travel companion!

Discover BucketBag Mini Black Silver

The wild party girl 

Smartphone, cash and lip gloss with you? No problem, because in the refined Bag S has all found its place! As a small but fine accessory, the Ba rounds off your party outfit perfectly. Superbly equipped for a wild party night! Worn as a belt bag, your belongings are safely stowed in the elegant clutch. Let's get the party started!

Discover Bag S Ocean

With express shipping or pickup in the ANY DI showroom in Munich, you can still secure your gift in time for Christmas.

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