The ANY DI brand stands for the combination of HIGH-END FASHION and EVERYDAY COMFORT, for an innovative concept and a wealth of variants - thanks to the patented strap system, the bags can be transformed in a very short time - from a casual shoulder bag to a comfortable backpack or from a wallet to a clutch . The special thing about this system is the grandiose changeability without any visible construction.

"A brand like my lifestyle: the optimal combination of elegance and sportiness, business and leisure"

-Anne Dickhardt, Designer & Founder -


With attention to detail and a passion for perfection, products are created that are both elegant and stylish as well as functional and comfortable. The basis for this is formed by high-quality materials such as supple cowhide and genuine gold plating, as well as excellent workmanship, creating the optimal balance between pure luxury and suitability for everyday use. The brand's own emblem, which is based on the symbol of "real leather", stands for high quality, durability, luxury and elegance.


The creations are rounded off by extraordinary accessories, such as the design-patented SunCover, which makes another high-end fashion statement. The innovative glasses cover is the trademark of the brand due to its unique shape, the tasteful design combined with a new function.


Whether casual or glamorous, whether hip or classic, every woman will find her perfect companion, because the entire color set can be put together in many ways thanks to its harmonious color combinations. There are at least three SunCover for each ANY DI Bag, which are perfectly coordinated in terms of color - either tone-in-tone - to match the interior - or with bright contrasts that everyone can choose and combine according to their taste.

The ANY DI brand is as diverse as the city in which it was created

Casual urban chic, timeless elegance and luxurious glamor - that is Munich and at the same time the source of inspiration for all products. Hardly any other city embodies the combination of creativity, quality and functionality as well as the Isar metropolis. Whether cycling to work or to the beer garden, to a chic dinner or a hip party, ANY DI gives women (not just Munich residents) the necessary authenticity in every situation thanks to its versatility.