A shooting day with ANY DI

It's a wrap! After hours of work in front of and behind the camera, we have all the pictures we wanted! A look behind the scenes of the AW20 season campaign shoot.

An extensively planned shoot is the most important thing to make the process on the day of the shoot as smooth as possible. Starting with the creation of a mood board and ending with the coordination of the participants, everything is planned down to the smallest detail. Mood boards are particularly important for the creative planning phase, as they provide orientation for styling, the looks and also for the general image and color mood. For each picture, a suitable outfit and accessories as well as hair & make-up styling is put together.

The day of the shoot. As with past campaign shoots, our model founder and designer, Anne Dickhardt, is herself. Punctually in the make-up, at the same time the photographer and helpers prepare the first set. Hair & make-up are in place - so let's get started. The shoot takes place in the headquarters' own studio in Munich. Practical!

In addition to the focus on the model, our products must of course also be put in the right light. Simple outfits help to put the product in the foreground. And smile please! "Stop Stop! Lint!", it is said not only once on this day. Between the individual shots, hair and outfit have to be straightened again and again. A real test of patience for the photographer!

Such a campaign shoot quickly takes a whole day. Many outfit changes and different stylings are time-consuming. But the work was worth it! The results are impressive and thanks to the great team, this shoot was an absolute success!

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