No summer without IceCream

We have found them: Germany's top 7 ice cream parlours

On hot days, you don't want to miss out on a delicious cool-down! We ANY DIvas also love a sweet refreshment, which is why an IceCream SunCover should not be missing from our range. For this reason, we went on a search for Germany's best ice cream parlours. An ice cream on your pocket and one in your hand, what could be better for a hot summer? It's worth a visit! Drop by and maybe you'll discover one or two ANY DI Ice Creams on the spot...


Ice cream cake, ice cream macarons or an ice cream sandwich, the versatile assortment of Emma the Mu is an absolute dream for every ice cream lover. This ice cream parlour was opened in Herne and Bochum in 2020 and is now already an absolute city highlight.


The name Del Fiore sounds familiar? If so, you've probably been in front of the chiller cabinet at the supermarket many times. That's where you'll find the high-quality and special ice creams. But since this year, there is even a small Del Fiore ice cream parlour in Munich. Maybe you remember the opening, where ANY DI was allowed to be there in person and tested the delicious flavours for you.


An ice cream from the capital that you should definitely try on a trip to Berlin . The ice cream factory Vanilla & Marille is known for its handcrafted, traditionally produced ice cream. They work almost exclusively with regional organic and fair trade products. You can treat yourself to an extra scoop!


You can find delicious and unique ice cream creations and coffee specialities at the charming ice cream parlour Pallina in Frankfurt am Main. The small ice cream parlour stands out for its sustainable and social behaviour, which uses only recyclable or compostable materials for its ice cream production.


Are you particularly decisive? Then the Keiserlich ice cream parlour in Cologne is the place for you. Here you can choose from around 300 different types of ice cream. Not only are the classic varieties such as chocolate and vanilla represented, but if you want something special, you should try avocado-mint or pear-gorgonzola.


Not only does the name Dolcier sound noble, but their products also radiate elegance. The patisserie, gingerbread and ice cream factory from Memmingen is the expression of an exclusive attitude to life. There can hardly be a more fitting place for a treat for in between for an ANY DIva.


The small ice cream parlour, which takes its name from the legendary New York Studio54, is just right for all vintage lovers. All year round, the Eiswerk54 delights its customers in summer with soft ice cream made from organic coconut milk and fine sorbet. Do something good for yourself and the environment and stop by the small ice cream parlour in Augsburg !

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