Interview with Esther Sedlarzceck

The well-known sports presenter Esther Sedlaczek embodies an ANY DIva in all areas: sports, fashion, flexibility! After completing her studies in fashion journalism, she switched to the sports sector. However, she has never lost her passion for fashion. She is going to tell us today how she brings her passions sports and fashion together in her everyday life.

You have a degree in fashion journalism, how did you get into sports?

I've always been a sports fan, especially football. After graduating from high school, I first had to find myself. I also tried my hand at fashion journalism, but quickly realized that my strengths lie elsewhere. I came to my current job through a casting. I was in the right place at the right time - it must have been fate.

After 10 years as a sports presenter at Sky, you will switch to the sports show in 2021. how come?

After more than 10 years at SKY, I was offered the opportunity to moderate such a traditional format as the sports show. Sometimes it's time to move on and face new challenges. The moment had now come and I am really looking forward to my future tasks, although there is also a lot of melancholy because of the great years I spent at SKY

How do you combine your passions for sports with fashion?

I am a fan of practical and comfortable clothing. That's why I love sportswear. I could actually walk around in it all day. But I also love to dress up for shows or events.

What is your personal must-have accessory in your closet that you couldn't do without?

A beautiful bag can enhance any outfit. For me, next to my wedding ring ;-) the most important accessory. It is especially important to me that it is timelessly elegant and goes with virtually any outfit.

What makes the perfect bag for you as a business woman?

Timeless elegance, a good size and it should be individually usable.