Anne Dickhardt, CEO
and founder of ANY DI, takes us through the process of developing the
Collaboration with FLSK: The Bottle Bag

did the process start?

In August 2021 we received a particularly interesting email. Amelie, Head of Brand & International Strategy at FLSK, wrote us an inspiring message! She described the problem that, in her opinion, there is no stylish or practical bottle bag and came up with the idea of producing a bottle bag herself. So she asked us for help and we were all very enthusiastic about the idea, especially since we are both Munich brands. From that moment on, the process went pretty quickly: We met and realized we had similar ideas. After the first few drawings, the first prototype could already be made.

How long did the whole process take?

Overall, the process ran from the first email to the launch of ANY DI x FLSK Bottle Bag very quickly. Since our teams were on the same wavelength from the start and FLSK gave us their full confidence in our design arts and skills, the process took just 6 months.

could you see the first samples? 

As always, our designers have worked hard and pay attention to the design process
the smallest details. Not only the look is in the foreground, but also uncomplicated and clever handling from the point of view of the end user. After 4 months there was the first sample (2.5 months before the launch), after that nothing had to be changed. We work very precisely right from the start and think through every everyday situation. In this way, we want to avoid further product changes as far as possible, primarily to shorten the production chain.

We are all proud to have put together a great product. Also the idea of our existing product, the Pocket PhoneStrap , is super practical for every ANY DIva!

I can only emphasize again and again: "Teamwork makes the dream work"!

experience here more about the
Cooperation and the Bottle Bag!