Interview with Anne about her everyday life as a business mom

Since about 3 months founder and designer Anne Dickhardt is now mother of a wonderful son. Anne always tries to find the perfect balance between business and family. She draws the positive energies from both and is very efficient despite her stressful everyday life. Anne was interviewed to talk about her life as a full time mom and entrepreneur.

How do you find the balance between professional and private life? - Do you get family support?

Anne: A balance between professional and private life is the best thing you can create. It's just great when you can combine both and get the best out of everything, so you can perform at your best. I can't imagine anything better. I'm also very lucky to have family support - which is not a given, of course, and I really appreciate that. My mom is always there when I need her and so I can be very efficient in both things.

What does your "normal everyday life" look like now?

Anne: There is no such thing as a normal everyday life now, because every day is completely different. With a super cute little baby at home, you just have to be adaptable. I have to be ready at any time if my baby gets hungry, and I have to interrupt the meeting for a short while to do that. So it kind of works - it's challenging, but also wonderful and you go to bed very content and happy despite a busy day.

What do you enjoy most about your job as an entrepreneur and full-time mom?

Anne: My motivation for founding the label ANY DI about 6 years ago was always to reconcile family, friends, hobbies, sports, career and business. Only with a little baby I now know what family really means. My life feels complete now and I am also much more powerful than I ever was.

How important is work to you now?

Anne: The work itself is still as important to me as it was before. Since my son was born, I just appreciate the time a lot more. For example, if I only have 2 hours available, I use them so efficiently that I can then spend a lot of time with my little one again.

What was the best decision in your professional career?

Anne: The best decision of my professional career was to decide: I'll do that now. I'm becoming independent now. I go my way. I dare to do everything that I have already wished for, because nothing can actually go wrong.

What other professional goals do you have?

Anne: My professional goal for the future is simply to enjoy every second, to have fun at work, to always see everything positively and to continue step by step - no matter what comes. Not to pay attention to the situation of the world, but to go your own way - take everything as it comes and move on.

Do you have a message for young mothers who are toying with the idea of starting their own business?

To all moms who want to start their own business: Go for it, because there is nothing better than to fulfill your biggest dream and being a mother does not limit you to start your own business. Do what you have always wanted and do not be afraid of it, because you only live once and can therefore only test it once, dare and win in the end!

What functions should a stroller absolutely have, what is most important to you?

Anne: The stroller should combine all important components such as innovation, comfort, safety, and flexibility. As a designer and founder of a premium label myself, it is important to me that the stroller meets the highest standards in terms of material selection and manufacturing quality. In addition, it should have a noble, high-quality and special design. The stroller should also provide maximum safety and accordingly have a safe handbrake as well as a soft suspension, since I also often ride on different railings. Exactly all these features has the Hartan AMG GT stroller and therefore I can definitely only recommend it.

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