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With great attention to detail, the Signature Collection color update features autumnal colorways of the versatile, innovative and timeless bags and accessories.

Since the previous Signature Collection is still going strong, there was simply no need to develop new design creations. However, there was a small gap in Anne Dickhardt's color palette that she wanted to fill. 

Anne's love for healthy breakfast bowls was the starting point to give her collection a new touch: Açai - a color as trendy and energetic as the superfruit itself.

Combined with gold-plated elements, ANY DI has launched a series of bags and accessories in açai color that are sure to make an appearance!

Açai is so much more than a color, it's a lifestyle!

Based on the super fruit of the same name, it represents everything today's ANY DIva is looking for: Health, balance and confidence.
She carries an açai-colored bag or accessory, she strides with it and doesn't walk. She holds her head high and wants the world to know that she is in full control of what she does. Her outfit may look like it's combined quite effortlessly, but she certainly doesn't leave anything to chance.

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