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Summer is just around the corner and with it a season that has more fashion trends and colors than any other! Since summer (probably) will be particularly hot again and an ANY Diva not only pays attention to high-quality workmanship of her summer outfit, but also attaches great importance to a well-groomed appearance, we would like to introduce the Clarins brand to you today.

The French cosmetics brand from the city of love, which is active worldwide today, has stood for high-quality and innovative care and makeup products for him and her for over 65 years and is committed to the sustainable and responsible use of resources. "Especially today it is more important than ever to deal sustainably and consciously with our environment, which is why it was also important to me personally to contribute a part with the ShopperBag, " says ANY DI founder Anne Dickhardt.

The Solaire Invisible sun protection stick from Clarins with sun protection factor 50 is perfectly suitable for sensitive and exposed areas of the face. In addition, it is hardly noticeable on the skin, is quickly absorbed and therefore does not leave any white spots.
Another beauty product is the Masque SOS Coups de Soleil after-sun care mask . It is suitable for the face and body, provides an immediate freshness effect and gives the skin a new feeling of wellbeing after a day in the sun. A melting, soothing cream gel for a cooling freshness kick and immediate calming!

The beauty products from Clarins have a handy size, so they can be stowed perfectly in any ANY DI bag and are therefore always quickly at hand. So exactly the right thing for an ANY DIva! We are excited!

discover Clarins now & do something good for your skin!

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