Interview with Magdalena Rogl

ANY DIva stands for openness and flexibility. It pairs elegance with sportiness, timeless classics with trendy fashion statements.
Magdalena Rogl, Head of Digital Channels at Microsoft Germany, combines all these attributes and makes a statement with her person: You can do anything in life, achieve anything if you are passionate about it and remain true to yourself. She has had an unprecedented career - from a trained nanny to Germany's corporate brand ambassador # 1. In this interview, she talks about how she achieved this and what makes her ANY DIva.

Dein Werdegang ist alles andere als gewöhnlich. Wie bist du zu Microsoft gekommen und was hast du davor gemacht?

Ich bin ursprünglich gelernte Kinderpflegerin. Das war viele Jahre lang mein absoluter Traumjob! Dann kam allerdings eine persönliche Lebenskrise und mit nur 25 Jahren wurde ich Alleinerziehende mit zwei kleinen Kindern. Mit dem geringen Kinderpflegegehalt wusste ich gleich, dass es in München schwierig werden würde meinen Lebensstandard zu halten. Ich habe dann schweren Herzens nach einer neuen beruflichen Möglichkeit gesucht und bin über Umwege bei Focus Online im Community Management gelandet. Eine Freundin, die zu der Zeit im Auslandsstudium in den USA war, berichtete mir von diesem Facebook und wie man über das Netzwerk mit Leuten aus der ganzen Welt kommunizieren konnte. Das war bei mir der Startschuss in Richtung Social Media. Später wechselte ich dann in die Unternehmenskommunikation und habe darüber bei Events und Kongressen verschiedene Leute bei Microsoft kennengelernt. Eine gute Freundin arbeitet bereits dort und meinte eines Tages zu mir, ich solle mich doch bewerben, die suchen gerade jemanden wie mich. Gesagt, getan!

our career is anything but ordinary. How did you get to Microsoft and what did you do before?

I started my worklife as a trained nanny. It was my absolute dream job for many years! Then, however, there was a personal life crisis and at the age of 25 I became a single parent with two small children. With the low childcare salary, I knew straight away that it would be difficult to maintain my standard of living in Munich. I then searched for a new professional opportunity with a heavy heart and ended up in the Community Management via Focus Online. A friend of mine who was studying abroad in the United States at the time told me about Facebook and how you could communicate with people from all over the world via the network. For me that was the starting signal for social media.
I later switched to corporate communication and got to know various people at Microsoft at events and congresses. A good friend worked there at the time and one day suggested me to apply for their company. Said and done!

How important is passion for you in connection with your job and self-actualization?

I am absolutely convinced that you can only do something really well with passion. In the past I could never have imagined doing anything with tech and digital topics - today it is my daily business. It is simply important that you let life happen and that you do not constantly resist when things are very different. If you are optimistic about things, incredible things can happen. This has taught me my way of life so far.

They say: A woman's life is in a handbag. What shouldn't be missing in your bag at all?

Clearly - my smartphone! I also always have two smaller bags in each bag: one for cosmetics and then another for technology. It contains my mouse, a multi-charger for all devices and my mobile battery. These two bags should never be missing. Oh yes - and candy for the kids!

It is said that in a handbag is the life of a woman. What's in your pocket that you can't afford to have missing?

Clearly – my smartphone! I also still have two smaller pouches in each bag: One for cosmetics and then another one for technical stuff. Inside are my mouse, a multi charger for all devices and my mobile battery. These two little bags should never be missing. Oh yes, and sweets for the children!

You are a mother and business woman, constantly on the go at meetings, congresses and events: What requirements does a bag for you have to meet, both professionally and privately?

I am the type of woman who throws everything into a bag until nothing goes. She also has to be very flexible, both in terms of design and carrying possibilities. My style varies a lot from sporty, torn jeans and hoodie to business look. The bag has to match my style. I find it totally exhausting when I have to change my bag all the time.

Du bist Mutter und Business-Frau, ständig unterwegs auf Meetings, Kongresse und Events: Welche Anforderungen muss eine Tasche für dich erfüllen – beruflich wie privat?

Am wichtigsten ist für mich die Größe. Ich bin der Typ Frau, der alles in eine Tasche wirft bis nix mehr geht. Sie muss außerdem sehr flexibel sein, sowohl vom Design als auch von den Tragemöglichkeiten. Mein Style schwankt sehr von sportlich über zerrissene Jeans und Hoodie bis hin zum Business-Look. Die Tasche muss sich meinem Style anpassen. Ich finde es total anstrengend wenn ich ständig die Tasche wechseln muss.

Which fashion type are you? Do you focus on timeless classics or do you follow the latest trends very closely?

Both. I love shopping and I like to set on trends. But I also think it is important to have a few timeless classics in my everyday business life with which I am always dressed immediately. Often I meet people in appointments that I don't know yet and there my glitter sneakers might not go down so well.

If you ever want to spend your money on something you like to spend it on privately?

I am a sneakers freak. I can't remember exactly how many I have. They are my most loyal companions and an absolute it-piece in my fashion collection.