To start our new Summer Collection THE ESCAPADE we have a very special offer for you: Order between the 24.05. and 07.06.20 in our Online-Shop for a value of 500 euros and receive our exclusive special offer, the ANY DI Summer Package for a value of 500 euros; FREE*!

For ANY DIscovery: In addition, for every ANY DIva who orders something from THE ESCAPADE, there will be an ANY DI-Spsp;Travel Tag * free of charge, which will be your loyal companion on your suitcase from the next trip on! 

This promotion is only valid while stocks last!  


You are on the way to the airport with your loved ones and have your suitcase at hand, which is decorated and personalized with your new ANY DI Travel Tag {you are on your way to the airport with your loved ones. Arriving on the far away island, your travel adventure begins and welcomes you with bright sunshine. The atmosphere in the group is exuberant and you are full of anticipation! Quickly we go to the hotel. There you dress up with your newest airy summer outfit.

Afterwards you will go to one of the locations of the company roadsurfer>, because through your ANY DI Summer Package you have also acquired a 150€ voucher. You choose a chic camping van and off you go to the beach! To make sure you have everything you need for the day and the evening lunch with your loved one, you have your new ANY DI Canvas Bag at hand and everything you need to store it in it.


Many thanks to our great partner Bolon Eyewear for the Perfect Match to our SunCovers.


A big thank you also goes to our partner Clarins for their sustainable sun care essentials. We are ready for summer!


Many thanks also to our partner roadsurferfor the great opportunity. We are ready to hit the road!


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