Lili Paul-Roncalli, brand ambassador and campaign face of the new ANY DI Pocket PhoneStrap campaign, expertly showcases the new product. The ambitious and beautiful circus acrobat loves to combine the PhoneStrap with the Kiss-Pocket, the EarPod-Pocket and the Poo-Pocket to be perfectly equipped for her day. How exactly to use the Pockets combined with the PhoneStrap you can read down below.

The PhoneStrap is a crossbody smartphone case for a style-conscious ANY DIva. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can equip the PhoneStrap with various themed Click-On Pockets that create easily accessible storage space. Up to three Click-On Pockets can be attached to the PhoneStrap's classy 24-karat gold-plated snaps at the same time. The PhoneStrap can be adjusted in length and is available in two different materials. The sporty nylon strap is particularly robust and perfectly rounds off the casual street style outfit. The leather strap is extremely noble with its combination of nappa leather and velvety suede-like elements.

The concept of the Pocket PhoneStrap is simple: The pockets can be pulled onto the strap through their loops on the back and are then held securely in place by the gold-plated snaps and cannot slip. In total, up to 3 pockets can be attached to one PhoneStrap.

The noble PhoneCase(Buy Now)is available in different sizes depending on the smartphone. The Italian nappa leather has a precise logo embossing and is covered with high-quality black silicone to give your smartphone a non-slip grip. Inside, the PhoneCase is covered with velvety microfiber that protects your smartphone from scratches. The case has 24-carat gold-plated eyelets to which you can attach the ANY DI PhoneStrap.

The Kiss-Pocket (Buy now) is the new it-piece for all make-up lovers! Whether lipstick or blush, the most important cosmetics have their place. Thanks to the sturdy zipper, your makeup is protected from possible falling out.

The Poo-Pocket is perfect for all dog owners! The dog bags have never been packed more stylish! Put the dog bags inside, close it with the push button and pull the dog bag through the hole. You're ready for a relaxing walk!

EarPods (Buy now) are indispensable nowadays. The EarPods quickly disappear in the depths of the bag and are difficult to find. In the EarPod Pocket your EarPods are protected from scratches and dust and above all quickly at hand. The EarPod Pocket is suitable for Apple AirPods / AirPods Pro, but also for other EarPod cases.

The MoneyKey Pocket (Buy now) is specifically designed to store your keys, bills and your most important cards. The pocket is also equipped with a key ring, a card slot and a bill compartment. The pocket can be closed with the push button, so that your most valuable utensils are always safely stored.

It's the little things that count! That's why the Mini Pocket (JBuy now) is the ideal daily companion! The pocket can be closed with a push button and has, like all other pockets, 24 carat gold-plated hardware. In the large opening you can easily throw in whatever you need, be it tissues, keys or lighter!