ANY DI - SunCover PopArt by Jeroen van Unen  

With great pride, Anne, designer and founder of ANY DI, together with the Dutch artist Jeroen van Unen, designed an extraordinary version of the unique SunCover.

Jeroen van Unen is a Dutch artist. Born into a well-known Rotterdam family of painters, he carries the heritage of color in his veins while creativity pulsates in his heart.

His art switches fluidly between different styles: from realism and figurative to pop art, street art and abstract.

An artist whose canvas knows no boundaries. Not limited to a single medium, he experiments with materials such as oil, acrylic, spray paint, pencil and charcoal.

He doesn't allow himself to be pigeonholed, but his works invite you to think outside the box. Meet Jeroen van Unen, the artist.

When Any Di recognized his unmatched talent, they gave him a challenge: to design a unique sunshade for their exclusive collection.

The result? Making Memories", a vibrant design with a clear message.

One look at the colorful suncover and you will see Anne's love for tennis. The design of the tennis racket is a testament to her skills on the court and a reminder that life is a game that Anne plays with style.

On the shoulders of the Suncover there is a star with a crown. Anne truly shines like a star and is the born diva of her world. It's a reminder that self-confidence and self-expression are her hallmarks.

On the back of the Suncover you immediately notice “Forever Making Memories” in large letters. This says a lot about Anne's adventurous spirit. She is a traveler at heart, collecting moments and experiences from all over the world. The duck in the foreground, however, represents Anne's deep connection to her family. Just like ducks stick together, Anne values ​​the bond she has with her loved ones.

You can see elements that not only correspond to ANY DI's, but above all Anne Dickhardt's values: love of sport, cosmopolitanism, family first, adventure, diva life, peace baby, to name just a few.

This Pop Art Suncover is not just an accessory; it is a work of art that tells a story. It reminds us of living life with a splash of color, just as Jeroen van Unen created a real pop art masterpiece for the Suncover.


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