The concept behind the new Revival collection

When we think about the future, we think of further development, innovation and optimization. We strive to move forward, we reflect and improve, we keep some things and develop some new things. Anne Dickhardt, CEO and designer of ANY DI, is also constantly developing concepts and ways to shape the world of ANY DI and make it even smarter. Recycling, waste reduction and the optimal use of raw materials are the motivation for the current Capsule Collection.

Giving something old a new shine - it can be so easy. In the "Revival" Collection, leftover leather from past collections is used to create modern designs. This way, the precious natural raw material is given a new life in a particularly resource-friendly way.

The basis of the collection are the wavy stripes, which partially reflects the brand's diamond-shaped emblem. This subtle stripe pattern runs through the entire collection, tone on tone. The ensemble is loosened up by three exciting statement SunCover in
coordinated color harmony: Angry EyeBig Brow and Butterfly.