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The German actress Nele Kiper - known from „SOKO Leipzig“, „The Last Bull“ and „The Dreamboat“ - has been a loyal member of our for quite some time now. 

In an interview she talks about life as an actress, her favourite ANY-DI product and the must-haves in her SunCover Bag. Have fun reading it!


As an actress you are on the road a lot; you constantly meet new people. What fascinates you most about your profession?

I have always been very interested in people and their different interests and characters. The way we communicate with each other, what defines us, influences what makes us the person we are. It fascinates me to dive into the emotional world of another person and to think my way into another life.


Was war dein schönster #ANYDIva Moment?

Ich habe mal einen Werbespot in Kapstadt gedreht und spielte eine Superheldin, die mit einem Jetpack auf dem Rücken angeflogen kommt. Dafür schwebte ich in fünf Metern Höhe an einem Kran im Sonnenuntergang über den Dächern der Stadt. Das fühlte sich echt unglaublich heldenhaft an und war für mich so ein richtiger ANYDIva Moment.

What makes you an "ANYDIVA"?

I see an ANYDIva as a self-confident and self-determined, joyful and tolerant, respectful and loyal personality. 

At some point I found the courage to turn my hobby, my great passion, into a profession, with all the highs and lows that go with it. That - I think - also makes me an ANYDIVA.

What qualities must a handbag absolutely have for you?

It must be robust and made of high-quality leather. I am convinced of good quality and of bags that are uncomplicated, that can be thrown over the shoulder or that can be worn on the arm in a very chic and loose way. In any case it should always be as changeable as I am myself.


What should never be missing from your purse? 

In my handbag you will always find a little snack, the so-called „fainting bite“ for all occasions! Also with me everywhere I go: lip gloss and chewing gum. Without these essentials I simply cannot leave the house. 

What is your favorite ANY-DI product? 

I love the PhoneBag Fringes in Blossom ! The Größe is just perfect to have the basics always with you. With her country look she is also a little bit cheeky and spices up every outfit in no time! 

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