Our employees' favorite SunCovers

As ANY DIva or ANY DIvo, a SunCover is an absolute must-have. Which SunCover our employees like best, we show you today.

Always flirty on the go. With our SunCover Flirty Lashes you draw all eyes on you! Whether at work or at a candlelight dinner, with this SunCover you turn everyone's head. Nothing could be better for Theresa, with her charm and flirty lashes she is a real eye-catcher!

Crazy, eye-catching and beautiful. This describes not only our graphic designer Angela, but also the ANY DI SunCover Owl. With its bright colors and striking pattern, it makes a very special accent on any bag.

Vacation feeling! Summer, sun and beach, this feeling comes with our SunCover St.Tropez auf. With the simple color and the bright, pink font this SunCover is a must-have for all St.Tropez fans. Also our wonderful Lisa dreams at a glance at her SunCover of the next beach vacation!


Modern and sassy. The SunCover Snake Eye is very modern due to the snake pattern and exudes something wild. With her Italian temprament Romana has hereby chosen exactly the right SunCover for her personality!


The Daisy SunCover radiates pure joy . With its bright colors and beautiful flowers it makes you want to spend sunny days. Sabrina does not only shine in sales, with her SunCover on the bag a smile on the lips is guaranteed.

Also for our ANY DIvos we have of course the right protection for the sunglasses. Simple and elegant. With the SunCover Black Camouflage and its convincing character, our Phillip delights every customer!

Nadine radiates with her flippy character. Since the matching SunCover on the bag may not be missing. Cool and casual, that is also the ANY DI SunCover Darling. So a perfect match for our cool Nadine.

Feminin and bright pink. The SunCover Fuchsia is a hit especially for ANY DIvas.. With her blonde hair and lovely nature , no SunCover could be a better match for Marilena . And honestly, who doesn't fall in love with this gorgeous color?

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