The most innovative glasses case

6 reasons why you need the ANY DI SunCover

The innovative ANY DI SunCover is a design-patented glasses case for your sunglasses, which can be attached to your handbag, belt or mobile phone strap. It not only looks elegant, it is also very practical. Your glasses are immediately to hand and your lenses are protected.

  • Avoid long searches! With the SunCover your glasses are always at hand
  • Every shape of glasses fits! Whether aviator or cateye
  • No more bulky glasses case! Whether stored outside or in the bag, the SunCover is slim and saves space.
  • Protected from dust and scratches! With soft microfiber inside.
  • High quality and workmanship! 24k gold plating and high quality materials.
  • Become a trendsetter! With over 80 designs, there is something for every taste.
How To:

Place the lenses on the microfiber pads, close the snap and close the temples on the back of the ANY DI SunCover. Easily attach the glasses case to any bag, belt or . ANY DI PocketPhoneStrap. see instructions

ANY DI is a Munich accessory brand that combines elegant design, high quality standards and functionality. The designer and CEO, Anne Dickhardt, drew a lot of inspiration for her innovative products from her time in professional tennis. The accessories adapt perfectly to the life of an active ANY DIva!



I accidentally came across the brand online and ordered a suncover, it's really super practical and there's a large selection of colors. Would like to try the strap for the smartphone soon!


Very good service, very helpful!! You can also go to the showroom in Munich if you want to look at the things, the employees are also very nice and know their stuff, for example. care and cleaning of the products.


I found this brand on Instagram and at first i was sceptical that their Suncovers would fit my glasses, because i like to wear glasses with a cateye shape and i had problems fitting them into a lot of the cases that i tried but it actually works. I might be ordering more for my other glasses..


I bought a glasses case from Any Di at an optician and just had to order a second one, there is just so much choice I really had a hard time deciding. Also suitable as a gift, really sweet. I then bought pendants with letters on them, they are really pretty and make great gifts. Gladly again!


Any Di was recommended to me by a friend because
bought a bag and was really happy with the quality. I then decided on a Suncover glasses case, there are really many of them. Everything went well, gladly again.


Super cool for me because I'm always traveling, the glasses cases are super practical and not that bulky. In fact, all of my glasses fit in and the material feels super comfortable. So much choice, I almost can't decide!