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Our heart project: Dr. Hero


We have been working on a new product over the past few weeks - one that we as ANY DI want to use to show our deep appreciation to all the wonderful heroes and helpers in this current pandemic. 

With pride we present you our bestseller SunCover "Dr. Hero". 

Symbolically, the SunCover Dr. Hero stands as a thank you for very special people who have shown so much strength, energy and perseverance in recent months.

Explore the SunCover Dr.Hero 

Sharing is Caring

We want to raise awareness of the hard work that goes into healthcare with our Dr. Hero. Among many other health care providers, München Klinik is one of the largest health care providers in the city of Munich. München Klinik is one of the leading institutions in the treatment of COVID-19 in Germany. As a Munich based company, it is close to our heart to support our city. With each sold SunCover Dr. Hero we will donate all the profits to the fundraising COVID-19 from the München Klinik.

If you have a personal hero that you want to say thank you to, then our SunCover Dr. Hero is a unique gift and a great way to do so. The SunCover Dr. Hero is available now in our online store. We look forward to your support.

We are very grateful for all the hard work, that you have done and hope to spread joy with this small gesture. 

Click HERE, to read more about this fundraising. 

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