SunCover | Glasses Case | PopArt by Jeroen van Uhren
SunCover | Glasses Case | PopArt by Jeroen van Uhren
SunCover | Glasses Case | PopArt by Jeroen van Uhren
SunCover | Glasses Case | PopArt by Jeroen van Uhren

SunCover | Glasses Case | PopArt by Jeroen van Uhren

Pop Art by Jeroen van Unen
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Pop Art by Jeroen van Unen
SunCover | Glasses Case | PopArt by Jeroen van Uhren
Pop Art by Jeroen van Unen 119,00 EUR
SunCover | Glasses Case | PopArt by Jeroen van Uhren - Pop Art by Jeroen van Unen
119,00 EUR
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Together with the artist Jeroen van Uhren we have designed a unique SunCover for you.

The SunCover is a design-patented glasses case that can be attached to handbags or the PhoneStrap. The glasses are optimally protected against dust and scratches and the glasses are always ready to hand. This SunCover has not only been finely processed, but is also made of genuine leather. The 24k gold-plated snap button completes the stylish SunCover, which fits any size and shape of glasses.  

How it works:

Place your glasses between the soft, protective microfibre pads of the glasses cover and close the snap button. On the back of the SunCover you can close the frame of the glasses and use the hanger to attach the case anywhere.  

- Design patented shape
- Can be closed with a push button
- Hanger on the back for attaching to a bag or belt

Height 6.5cm - width 13.5cm
Weight 0.04kg

Article number: SP101602PAJ

The PopArt SunCover is made from vegan leather: this means that it looks super real, feels good, is robust and more environmentally friendly. You can remove dust and dirt with a damp cloth.

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Together with the Dutch artist Jeroen van Unen, Anne, designer and founder of ANY DI, designed a unique SunCover that has never existed before!


The SunCover is a space-saving and innovative glasses case. Instead of having the glasses that you often want to have on hand disappear in a bulky case in your bag, you can use the SunCover to hang them on the outside of your bag (or wherever you like) like a fashion statement. The SunCover protects the glasses from dust and scratches with soft microfiber material inside. For this luxury accessory, careful craftsmanship and the use of high-quality materials, such as the 24-carat gold-plated hardware, are a must. Designer Anne Dickhardt has protected this charming, innovative idea of ​​the SunCover with numerous patents worldwide.

We always said: “Every pair of glasses fits into the SunCover.”
But to be honest, at the numerous optical trade fairs with their millions of glasses, we have now come across one or two that the SunCover no longer adequately covers. If your glasses have a lens height of more than 6 cm, they will protrude from the bottom of the SunCover. But this is rarely the case, even with really large glasses.

Yes, often! But not always.
The SunCover is generally not designed for children's glasses, as children's glasses are sometimes not wide enough depending on the child's age. Any pair of glasses that are at least 12 cm wide should easily fit in the SunCover. For narrower glasses, try it out. For comparison: glasses for adults are on average 14 cm wide.

The Leather Hanger from the SunCover is included, but is deliberately designed to be removable, as sometimes you would prefer to attach the SunCover directly to the D-ring. For example, if you want to attach it to a carabiner, as is the case with the “SunCover Strap Clip”, the adapter for the “Pocket PhoneStrap”. So if it happens that you lose the Leather Hanger, you have the option of buying a replacement, either directly in the online shop or upon request if the desired color is not available in the shop.

You can hang the SunCover on your bag in the classic way. With ANY DI handbags, this works best on the metal rings of the handles. Some of our bags do not have the metal rings mentioned, but for these models we have added a small D-shaped ring that is specially designed for your SunCover. Of course, the SunCover also fits on bags from other brands, so you don't thread the SunCover's hanger through a ring on the bag, but simply around the bag handle.

There are no limits here, because we have already discovered the SunCover in numerous creative ways to wear it. Attached to the belt loops of your pants for a particularly sporty look, or even to the rearview mirror in your car, the main thing is to have it ready to hand.

A recently particularly popular carrying option is the “Pocket PhoneStrap” on our cell phone strap. We offer an adapter specifically developed for the SunCover, the “SunCover Strap Clip”.

No, because the SunCover is already equipped with microfiber fabric inside, the material from which glasses cleaning cloths are usually made. This material is particularly gentle on your lenses and protects against dust and scratches. When you're out and about, you can use the SunCover to wipe the surface of your glasses. For thorough cleaning of the glasses, we recommend an ultrasonic cleaner.

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