Hey ANY DIvas! Do you already know Romana, Lisa, Sabrina and Max?

On 21.11.2020 was the World Hello Day and on this occasion the ANY DI team introduced themselves and said "hello".

One person from each department agreed to introduce him/herself and briefly explain what exactly he/she does at ANY DI. Transparency is very important at ANY DI and we would like to show you which employees are needed and what exactly they do to finally bring our ANY DI product to the end consumer.

Hey ANY DIvas! I am the Romana. 😊

I am responsible for everything that has to do with products, from the initial inspiration for strategic development to the implementation with production. In short, I am responsible for ensuring that the product functions smoothly in the end!

My daily routine is as follows: after I have had my first sip of coffee, the marathon begins:

Checking e-mails and defining the priorities of the day. These prios will, of course, be reassembled several times a day, as new tasks may come up at any time - pure excitement!

My monthly goal is to successfully complete all challenges and of course to have fun doing so 😉

What I particularly like about ANY DI is that there is a lot of variety in the To Do's, which then leads to a high motivation in the whole team, which always results in cool ideas that I can then work out in my area.

I'm Lisa and I'm responsible for our brand presence in public.

My everyday life looks like this: Besides the daily business, my focus is on cooperation and e-mail marketing. Another important area of responsibility is the securing and distribution of high-quality multimedia material on various channels. This includes, for example, the conception and realization of photo and video shootings.

My goal is to bring ANY DI positively into the memory of people worldwide.

What I particularly like about ANY DI is that it is a very flexible and young company, which gives every employee the chance to realize their dreams.

Hello ANY DIvas! I'm Sabrina 😊

I am responsible for everything a bit. I do analyses, prepare the accounting, take care of small IT problems and am also the first contact person when the dishwasher is broken :D I am also responsible for the smooth running of the customer service department.

My daily routine looks like this: After I have answered all my colleagues' questions, I start my work :D Priority number 1 - processing orders and making customers happy.

My monthly goal is to make all customers, my colleagues, my boss and me happy and to make ANY DI even more popular.

What I particularly like about ANY DI is that you immediately get responsibility and trust, the contact is easy and the distances are short. When it's burning, everyone grabs hold together! 😊

Hello ANY DIvas!

I am the Max and I am responsible for the online store and the health of our online channels.

This is what my daily routine looks like: For me there is no routine, there is only pure survival.

Apart from distracting my colleagues with loud music, I have to make sure that everything that leaves our office (physical and digital) can be traced back to our online store.

Currently I'm working on the perfect balance between coffee and milk. 😊 As soon as I'm done with that, I'll return to the question of whether LinkedIn advertising could be a potential platform for our brand.

My monthly goal is to improve the customer journey through the entire online experience and to steadily increase our online sales.

What I particularly like about ANY DI is that you are given trust and responsibility from the very beginning and are motivated to do your best at work to return the trust.

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